PrimeTV is the television platform of PrimeTel. It features the most important and popular local and international channels and also broadcasts Cypriot football games. It has excelled for its quality and supply of channels for all tastes, for innovation in navigation but also the wide range of services such as «Interactive Advertising». Thanks to the innovation that characterizes it, it allows the user to pause and resume live programs and also gives them the privilege of renting blockbuster movies and other content from the comfort of their own home.



PrimeTel collaborates with famous international channels, for every taste and age group. High Definition channels have been added on the platform, PrimeTV, which also provides subscribers with radio stations and they have the opportunity to listen to their favorite music directly from their monitor...More

PrimeTel, through its sports channel will show live and exclusively every home game of Apollonas and APEP F.C. In 2013 football season, subscribers will enjoy Omonoia’s games, since PrimeTel acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights...More

Video On Demand (MovieClub)


This is the richest television library in Cyprus. In collaboration with six of the biggest studios in Hollywood, it features premieres, classics and favorite movies, lifestyle content, documentaries and adult films. So sit back on your couch and see what you want and whenever you want. All content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...More

The on demand content of PrimeView is divided into 8 categories, including content of the internationally acclaimed channel of HBO as well as productions from WarnerTV. All content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...More

Pause Live TV


The services Pause Live TV and 3 Days Back Machine give the user the privilege of pausing, restarting and forwarding the live program. Thanks to both services no subscriber will miss their favorite programs because you can rewind up to 3 days back. The above services are compatible with the channels Ant1, Sigma, RIK1, RIK2 and Mega.

The subscribers to PrimeTV, have the opportunity to experience HD technology thanks to the new service PrimeHD...More

Interactive services

PrimeTV, also offers advertising opportunities to companies while enabling consumers to see new products and take part in competitions via the Interactive Advertising. It also provides an Electronic Programme Guide for full information of the daily program of channels and many entertainment features like games, live daily press, caller ID on your screen but also useful information.