PrimeTel announces support of the Motorola VIP1903 HD STB by its PrimeTV IPTV platform

PrimeTel's R&D division has announced support of the new Motorola VIP1903 HD STB by its PrimeTV IPTV platform. PrimeTV has been adapted to utilize the powerful hardware of the new STB, considerably improving performance of the advanced features and services such as interactive advertising and widgets for Internet services. Core functionality, such as TV zapping and EPG, have also been given a boost in terms of performance and provide a better user experience. A new high definition user interface based on SVG is in the works, planned to be released later in 2010.

PrimeTV is a state-of-the-art, commercially deployed IPTV middleware with support for features such as TV Zapping, multicast EPG, VOD, user interface in multiple languages, Caller ID on screen, network PVR and pause-live TV. The user experience is enhanced by a wealth of interactive applications, such as Internet videos, interactive music video jukebox, photo gallery with Internet integration and USB upload functionality, social networking, interactive advertising, games, email, chat and RSS news. PrimeTV is a component of Twister, an end-to-end triple-play platform developed by PrimeTel’s R&D and Thunderworx.

Twister is a highly customizable and upgradeable platform for any telecommunications operator seeking for a fully integrated open architecture solution. It can support an integrated multi-play network for all media, services and devices.