MAINS (Metro Architectures enablINg Sub-wavelength) proposes two new architectures, a new approach to network management and will demonstrate an application that uses this new architecture to virtualise personal computer services. The key is the use of sub-wavelengths (bursty time-shared use of a single wavelength) by building an architecture based on dynamic time-shared use of ultra-fast tunable components and optical burst switching systems. Furthermore, the MAINS project will evaluate its outcome in hybrid mesh-ring test-bed.

The project started in January 2010 and will last 3 years, until December 2010. The MAINS project coordinator is Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (Spain) whilst the consortium consiss of 6 partners including Intune Networks Limited (Ireland), Nextworks ( Italy), Primetel (Cyprus), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid ( Spain) and University of Essex (UK)

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MAINS FP7 Field Trial