R&D Projects

PrimeTel’s Research & Development Projects

PrimeTel’s Research and Development team has been participating in both National and European FP7 projects since 2008. PrimeTel firstly participated in MIMAX and SmoothIT under the “Network of the Future” objective and in one Pilot-B type CIP project T-SENIORITY under the theme “ICT for Ageing” that deals with “Expanding the benefits of Information Society to Older People through digital TV channels”. PrimeTel also participates in a Celtic Labelled project, MOTSWAN and in  a Eurostars project, ASPIS.

The majority of the R&D project’s are funded under the FP7 framework. 

Existing Projects

PrimeTel currently participates in 3 large research European funding programmes for Research, Development and Technological Innovation and is expecting 1 project to start in January 2014. More specifically, in the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).







Completed Projects

PrimeTel has been participating in National research projects since 2007. These projects are funded by the largest national body for Research and Development in Cyprus, the Research Promotion Foundation.

POLY-BIO is a project which has been completed in 2008 whilst the IPTV COMMERCE has been completed in 2010. PrimeTel currently particpates in another two projects which are funded by the RPF, VIRTUAL NUTRITION MUSEUM and WDM-PON.