Business Phone Line

By using a phone line from PrimeTel, you have a choice between Business and Home. Each comes with its own benefits such as low-cost call packages. You'll need to order a Business line to get Business benefits. More generally, as a business customer you're likely to expect greater value from your line than a home user. To deliver that, PrimeTel offers you the two options below for business telephony.


BRI is PrimeTel’s high-performance voice and data service for small offices. With a basic installation you can connect up to 8 digital devices and make 2 calls at once. A 2-channel BRI circuit costs about the same as 2 conventional phone lines, but it offers higher quality and far greater potential.


PRI is a high-performance voice service for modern business. Its digital technology gives you exceptional line quality. Each PRI connection provides between 8 and 30 independent 64k channels. You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing.