PrimeInternet services provide high-speed Broadband Internet to major companies, corporations and other large organizations in the public and private sectors.

With PrimeInternet services, organizations can take full advantage of broadband's always on, high-speed access and symmetric capabilities, saving time and effort downloading and transferring large digital files. Another key benefit is better performance and added value from your existing hardware and software.

Having our own independent network and being a strategic partner of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus enables us to provide a new portfolio of broadband services designed to deliver choice, clarity and value. PrimeTel's customers consistently experience excellent service, strong support, and long-term reliability.

Broadband Services Benefits

Efficiency- Permanent connection to the Internet can help you do business more quickly, reduce administration costs, and enables you to automate certain tasks such as transactions, order tracking and stock ordering.

Cost savings-Maximizing the utilization of the bandwidth of a broadband service, the cost of a broadband service will be more than recouped by savings in time and resources, thanks to a more streamlined and efficient way of doing business.

Customer service-Through broadband services, your business can offer to customers 24x7 access to account information, order status and project details.

Communication-As staff will be able to communicate more using e-mail, there is the potential to reduce phone and postage bills.

Flexibility-With a broadband service, businesses can become more flexible and adapt to your staff, customers and suppliers needs. Mobile or home-working staff can access your network remotely, which can save you money on office space.

Learn more about PrimeInternet services, which include the following:

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • DSL Access
  • Wireless Broadband Service